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Before the adult colouring-in trend there was colouring-in for children; throwback with a personalised children’s colouring book

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Buy Personalised Kids’ Colouring Book in Soft ($7.99) or Hard Cover ($13.99) (Don’t Pay up to $39.99)

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$7.99 for a soft cover personalised kids’ colouring book (Don’t pay $24.99)

$13.99 for a hard cover personalised kids’ colouring book (Don’t pay $39.99)


  • Give budding artists a new canvas that isn’t the loungeroom wall
  • Choose to add in a personalised story, or pictures only
  • Incorporate a character like The Talking Tractor, The Helicopter, The Mermaids, The Fairies, or The Tug Boat


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Hobbies & Creative Arts: Photo Printing

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